Virtual Studio Equipment for Television and High Def TV Video Production
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"State of the art keying technology...
on a modest budget..."   
State of the art pro 3D virtual broadcast station on a modest budget

Use state of the art green screen, blue screen and chromakey technology to style your channel with a dynamic, distinctive and cutting-edge look. The unmatched flexibility of a virtual studio system trasnlates to lower costs, more productivity and thus higher profits. No wonder leading video production houses use this technology ever more.

The top-notch eye candy spun by a professional virtual studio systems enables you to boost your ratings. And a virtual studio costs less than half the cost of a real set, both in acquisition as well as in operating costs.

Virtual Studio System PRO

Pro Video Eqipment
Our professional Virtual Studio System enables:

  • Live TV shows broadcast from multiple virtual sets
  • Live state of the art visual effects
  • Freely move the cameras around in the virtual set while live on air (crane emulator)
  • Instant transitions among multiple virtual set locations
  • Live real time video feeds
  • Two host shows with one-button switching among remote journalists on the monitor(s)
  • Perfect set & stage lighting
  • and more.

About E-spaces

E-spaces is an award winning well-established company with over 60 projects delivered worldwide since 1996, including for VRT, CBC, various European video production houses, HD documentary producers, commercial advertising agencies, Unesco, European Commission, X3D technology Inc. etc.
E-spaces aims to delight you, both as our customer as well as the viewer of our productions.


Virtual Studio systems on a modest budget. Typical solutions well under 50K. Discounts available for qualified Educational and non-profit organizations.


Features of our turn-key 3D Virtual Studio System

We offer professional virtual studio systems for video production houses and commercial TV channels. Our turnkey, complete hardware-software solution enables real-time:
  • live display of 3D interior sets of varying complexity
  • dynamic interior elements
  • live real time video feeds
  • live state of the art visual effects
  • instant transitions among multiple virtual set locations (main studio set, additional thematic set)
  • freely move the cameras around in the virtual set while live on air (crane emulator)
  • programmable keys for basic camera movements, viewpoint switches and set swap-outs
  • live display of weather phenomena directly inside the virtual set
  • live display of data and diagrams directly inside the virtual set
  • synchronize studio clocks with external time feeds from a TV channel or from the web
  • live display of online and pop-poll voting
  • two host shows with one-button switching among remote journalists on the monitor(s)
  • talk shows with a 30-person audience broadcast from a small premise
  • smooth transitions between shots featuring a host and live or stored video
  • animated logos or advertising banners
  • change the set or details of it matching topical themes including Christmas, New year, Independence day, etc.
  • film interior-shots of soap operas
  • film shows featuring high graphic complexity such as science, travel, education shows
  • "TV channel in a computer": produce several shows in real time or pre-recorded


Additionally, each of our systems:
  • replaces a typically huge, technically highly complicated video production sound stages
  • does not require the usual full set of powerful 8-source lighting
  • saves more than half of the cost of a usual sound stage
  • only needs one operater to drive the complete system
  • can change the complete virtual set at the flip of a switch
  • comes complete with an emergency broadcast system restoration disc which swiftly restores the system to full working capacity
  • goes through 72 hours of rigorous full-load testing before delivery
  • is delivered as a "turn-key" solution


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