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"Cute and cuddly, boys...
Cute and cuddly..."   
3D Character Animation & Photorealistic Avatars for TV Ads

Characters are yet another powerful weapon to engage your audiences and win your customers' interest...
If you want to use your own digital likeness or license the animated, lifelike 3D likeness of Master Yoda or Arnold Schwarzenegger; you found it.

3D Animated TV Ad, Television Advertising 3D Animated Television Commercial Advertising

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Screenshots Highlighting E-spaces Character Animation

3d character animation. Arabian boy with glasses. 3D character animation for a smart boy

A very cute 3D character of a super-geek computer genius youth made for a character-establishing pilot TV commercial.
Note: Click here to see the anmation

print advertising, graphic design,  3d, dog, cover, box design, magazine advertising, outdoor billboard production 3D chocolate-colored Labrador puppy character animation

Part of a series of 4 highly detailed photorealistic 3D dog puppies were produced for TV commercial.

dog, character animation, puppy, graphic design,  3d, dog, cover, box design, magazine advertising, outdoor billboard production 3D German Shepherd puppy character

Part of a series of 4 highly detailed photorealistic 3D dog puppies for magazine advertising as well as for TV commercial... which all needed to assume the same paw up pose.

Golum, gorlem, Dobby, forest creature, monster, fary tale, scared Golum Dobby
CG Character for outdoor advertising for Mitsubishi.

The task was to create Golum -a character from Lord of the Rings- for the outdoor printed poster. This involved a highly a highly photorealistic creature including shadows and reflections. The customer wanted to have a scared expression on Dobby's face and make it look like it is inside of the car. The customer was delighted with the result.
Download low res version of the outdoor poster.

Monster Traktor Character Design Animation Monster "Tractor-Spider-Crab"
Character Design and Animation

The "Tractor-Spider-Crab" monster is a photorealistic digital character. Something of a whimsical agricultural urban nightmare.

Buy high resolution image

  Download Animation (.avi) - 16.2 Mb

Note: DivX needed to see the animation.

Looks very realistic. Click on image to see bigger picture.

 3d small dog picture: yorkshire terrier, maltese, model for animation CG Yorkshire Terrier
3D Visualization and CG Character Animation of an impossibly cute little Yorkshire Terrier dog puppy

The lively extrovert character of Yorkshire terriers explains their great popularity. Always cheerful, playful, fearless, never tired and excitedly fond of its boss. Cute, small, whimsical and fretful, the ceaselessly yipping Yorkshire protests its lack of a strict education. The 3D model for this puppy is still under construction.

alien hominid, Animation, 3d computer Graphics, animation character quicktime, alien computer, space alien, 3d animation studio
Alien visualization for Beyond Man documentary, 2005

Alien arrives on earth in his space ship. Variation on "We come in peace" theme

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